The road to excellence

Less is more. Because a good idea is distinguished by its simplicity. And excellence is achieved by creating, building, developing, communicating, and nurturing simple ideas.

Be creative and accessible, that is our kernel.

Innovation is a continual demand for us at Real Soft Solutions. Given the challenges of multimedia services and convergence, Real Soft Solutions has the vision and solutions to launch services that thrust the growth of businesses of any kind. We simplify your work by providing quick solutions to your needs. Boost your business effectively and the simplest way.

Strength and credibility gained through hundreds of successful projects worldwide.

Create an image, develop an identity, convey concepts and communicating the functionality of your business on the web. All this and much more is offered at Real Soft Solutions.
We are much more than a company that excels in the development of portals and e-commerce sites. For that reason we work with a large number of leading companies in the industry and we have achieved a leading position in the value chain of multimedia services.

Your success is our success.

It is our mission that our customer effectively and efficiently communicates his ideas, values and products via the World Wide Web.
So we have the technological tools and human resources to develop Websites that are attractive, quick and easy to navigate.
Our competitive fees, dynamism and adaptability are the main axes for our customers’ success.

A team behind a logo

We are a multidisciplinary team of professionals with extensive experience in graphic design, branding, web design and animation.
We have specialists in the areas of communications and tailor-made programming.

Youth and experience are our differential attributes. Teamwork is our philosophy. The future is our goal. So Real Soft Solutions is your best option.

Tailored Solutions

Real Soft Solutions excels as an e-builder for its achievements in the development of portals and high traffic sites with dynamic content. Our modular system allows you to build custom applications meeting the most demanding requirements for every project.

Customization is our differential. Accept no constraints, develop your project with a customized solution and leave behind all the inconveniences and restrictions other software packages have attached.

At Real Soft Solutions we have groups of specialists working for each project: consultants, analysts, designers and systems engineers. Work with the client is essential to finding particular Web solutions. That is why we analyze each particular situation and act based on your business needs.

Technical Information

We work across all platforms but we recommend our developments to be programmed in ASP or ASPX language on Microsoft© platform or PHP on Linux platform. The databases we use are MySQL, SQL Server 2000, SQL Server 7, Sybase, Oracle and Informix, depending on customer preference. Our headquarters is located downtown Buenos Aires, Argentina. We recommend but not require hosting or co-location with us. Geographic distance is not a constraint; we are comfortable working remotely.

Web environment – intranet interaction

Interaction with databases is paramount to obtain dynamic websites. With our products you can manage your online published content in real-time. The operators of each site have their own restricted area called Back Office which is an administrator-friendly database accessed through a standard browser.

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