Excellence, our goal.

We think that to achieve optimal results in our work is necessary to cover all of our customers’ needs and requirements. We at Real Soft Solutions believe it is essential to develop a strong customer relationship and a clear communication to produce a positive synergy that helps define strategic guidelines.

We are here to simplify your business and boost your sales.

Specialists in every area team up with us at Real Soft Solutions for each particular project: consultants, analysts, designers and systems engineers.
We serve each customer as if he were our only customer. Because your business is important for us. And because we make our mission to facilitate for our customers to express their ideas, values and products in the best possible way. That is why we have the technological tools and human resources to develop any application required from us.

Importantly, we have experience in application development for all leading GDS (Global Distribution Systems) among them SABRE TRAVEL NETWORK©, AMADEUS©, GALILEO© y WORLDSPAN©.
We have also developed a wide range of systems taking advantage of tools provided by each GDS such as XML POWER TOOLKIT, SABRE DATABAHN, AMADEUS WEBSERVICES, WORLDSPAN WEBSERVICES y GALILEO XML.
Based on our experiences we have developed B2B and B2C tools for most leading tourism companies achieving excellent results. You can check our success stories out.

Youth and experience are our differential attributes. Teamwork is our philosophy. The future is our goal. So Real Soft Solutions is your best choice.

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